Wondering if your business needs an access control system?

Trying to understand how these systems can benefit your company?

If you’re serious about protecting your business and your employees, then getting an access control system can be a great move. Modern access control systems can increase business security and can give you an enhanced amount of control over who enters your building. However, if you don’t know much about these systems then you may not understand what they do and how valuable they can be for a business.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below are the 7 top reasons you need to invest in an access control system for your business.

1. Activity Tracking and Reporting

One of the top reasons your business needs an access control system is because it will allow for advanced activity tracking and reporting.

These monitoring capabilities will allow you to always know who has entered or exited your building throughout the day. You’ll be able to have a log of all of the day’s activity and if there is ever a need to know exactly when a specific person arrived or left the building then you’ll be able to easily refer to this information.

Keeping track of the employees or visitors who have entered your building can be incredibly helpful. If there are employee tardiness issues or if an intruder trespasses on your business premises you’ll have the data you need to discover the specifics.

2. Control Employee Access

With an access control system, you can also control access and monitor employees with ease. You can control entry to different parts of your building based on an employee’s position, their job hours, and other details.

This means that you’ll have increased security in your building. If you have employees that should access some areas of your building for their duties but not others you’ll ensure that they don’t break the rules and go into areas they’re not supposed to. This can be especially helpful for improving security if you have a large number of employees that work in different offices and environments within your building.

3. Prevent Intruders

One of the biggest benefits of using an access control system is that it will help you prevent intruders from accessing the building without your knowledge. If there is ever any unauthorized access, you’ll immediately be alerted. This can help you to cultivate a safer work environment where your employees feel safe and protected.

With one of these systems, you’ll be able to know who enters your building at all times and will be able to prevent unauthorized entry from occurring. This will help keep your workers safe from criminals and trespassers who intend to rob your business or cause harm in some way.

If you’re trying to ensure security in your building then installing an access control system is one of the best ways to do it.

4. Protect Your Business From Employees

In addition to protecting employees from intruders, it’s also important that you protect your business from your own employees as well. While you should be aiming to hire trustworthy and reliable employees during the hiring process, mistakes are sometimes made. There are cases when an employee is not what they seem to be.

Luckily, these systems can help reduce employee theft and will increase security because employees will only be able to access designated areas during their specific shift hours.

Additionally, controlling access can also help prevent problems that result from negligence. If employees fail to lock your building at night it could leave your building vulnerable. Access control can eliminate the risks associated with employee mistakes by automatically locking your building and limiting access.

5. Stop Duplicating Keys

If you want the greatest level of security in your business then it’s a great idea to reduce the duplication of keys. Having extra keys to your building in circulation can strengthen the possibility of a break-in and can reduce the security of your building.

Access control eliminates the need to duplicate keys or change locks regularly to keep your building secure. Employees will use wristbands, swipe cards, or key fobs to access your building instead. You’ll be able to easily add or remove access to a previous employee quickly and easily. This will ensure old employees aren’t able to access your building once they are off of your payroll.

Sometimes buildings are broken into by an employee who was let go or who worked for your business in the past. Controlling access can eliminate the risk of these past employees robbing your business or causing property damage after their employment has ended.

6. Increase Business Automation

An access control system can also help you to automate your business in several ways. You’ll be able to customize the individual access schedules and can alter control remotely. Many parts of your building can be controlled with a system and put on a set schedule to ensure that things are as they should be at any given time of day.

You can set your system to automatically lock and unlock doors at a specific time. You can also set the temperature and the lighting to automatically change based on what areas employees are occupying at any given moment.

7. Reduce Utility Bills

Another important reason to use an access control system is that it will help you to reduce utility bills and protect the environment.

Since you can automate much of your building when it comes to lighting and heating and can automatically turn off features that aren’t in use, your business will save money. There will be less chance of running up energy bills by accidentally leaving lights on when they aren’t needed or being used.

Using these systems will ensure that you’re only paying for the utilities that you and your team are actually using. This means that you’ll reduce your energy bills and that you’ll have a greener, more environmentally-friendly business.

Making the Choice to Install an Access Control System

If you’re wondering if you need an access control system for your business, you should consider the above benefits carefully. An access control system can help your business in more ways than one to increase security and protection while also improving efficiency.

Ready to install an access control system in your building? Contact us today to get a free consultation and to learn more about what we can do for you.