Security Camera Installatoin Las VegasSecurity camera technologies are evolving day by day – nowadays, cameras can detect human movement and alarm the authorities when they do. Because of this, there’s no need for someone to watch the feeds the whole time. These cameras alone help the police catch the criminals on the act by up to 60% of the time.

The security camera system is quite expensive to run, though. It’s not suitable for small businesses, but can ordinary cameras still help?

Of course, any modern security solution is still capable of protecting businesses. Keep on reading to learn the seven ways it can help keep your business secure.

1. It Helps Deter Theft and Other Crimes

Burglars said it themselves – the sight of a camera can deter them from breaking into a house. You have to make it visible, though, to ward them off right away while they’re trying to scope your business. Although it might signal that there are valuable things on the property, most burglars are not willing to go through the hassle of circumventing your security system.

It also deters any employee who might get tempted by the thousands of dollars on the cash register. Small businesses might like to think their employees are trustworthy. But the truth remains that 75% of all employees have stolen from their workplace at least once.

2. It Allows You to Monitor Any Activities

No matter how many, security cameras can provide a live feed into your network, allowing you to see what they see at all times. You can assign someone to observe these screens and watch out for any potential issues.

Through these, they can catch suspicious activities, like theft and vandalism. They can then alert the other staff members who can resolve the matter right away.

It can also monitor the performance of your employees. It helps you see whether they’re slacking on the job, missing for a long time, or doing anything unauthorized. This way, a manager or an owner who can’t be present at all times can keep their employees in line.

Security systems are easy to customize according to your needs.

3. It Keeps Record

If there’s any dispute or anything at all you want to get straight, checking the recordings will help you with that. Recorded footage can help settle issues between employees or customers. You can rely on it to find out the truth about an incident and not the hearsay of other people.

Even if you’re only curious about what happened at a certain date, you can go back and check your records. The recordings have timestamps, which can also help you settle legal disputes.

4. It Provides Video and Audio Evidence

Having a whole system of cameras placed inside and outside of your business can help with any legal case your business gets involved in. It can provide evidence against false accusations, theft, and other crimes. With the help of the recordings, the police can create a clear picture of what happened.

Most surveillance systems today also now record audio, which makes the recordings more valuable in court. Audio recordings can serve as evidence against sexual harassment, threats, and more.

It can also help with a case that may not even involve your business. The police can utilize it if it happens to record the criminal or the crime scene near your business.

5. Having One Reduces Insurance Premiums

If you ramp up your security measures, your insurance company give you a discount on your policy. This is because insurance companies calculate the risk to determine your insurance cost.

A security camera system lessens the risks as they deter thefts and crimes. It also safeguards against slip-and-fall scams and other acts that aim to get thousands of dollars from the company through their insurance policies.

The discount you’ll get will vary depending on your policy and insurance company, but it should range from 5% to 20%. The discount will also depend on the type of your security system, the crime rate in your area, and other factors.

6. It Creates a Safer Environment for Employees

Knowing that there’s someone who’s keeping constant monitoring on the premises will help employees feel safer in the workplace. They’ll know that any suspicious activity will raise immediate alarms. If something is wrong, they’ll receive a warning at once to get to a safer place or to deal with the issue.

It will also prevent any inappropriate behavior between employees. Should an incident happen still, the HR can take the appropriate action based on the footage.

7. It Helps Improve Customer Experience

The peace of mind extends to your customers, who know that crimes are less likely to happen in your space. If you show you care about their well-being as well, you increase their trust and loyalty to your business.

On top of that, the recordings can help you study the behavior of your customers within their shop. If the layout confuses them, for example, the recordings will show that.

Through the lens of the camera, you’re able to see the whole buying process of each customer. You can study their decision-making patterns and paths they take within your store. You will also see which corners do not receive much traffic.

Reviewing these things can help you improve the customer experience. For instance, you can change the layout to accommodate their natural behavior. You can also strategize product placements better and figure out how to sell some particular products or brands.

Get a Security Camera System for Your Small Business

For the reasons above, a security camera system is a must-have for any small business, especially if it’s in a rough neighborhood. Before getting one, though, you must be clear about your needs and expectations to help you choose the right solution for you.

Other security systems can also help you keep your area safe and secure. Check out our other posts to learn more or contact us to talk to a security expert.