CCTV, or camera surveillance, was first used in 1942. Back then, relatively new technology was only used for special purposes. But today, business security cameras are essential for business owners across the board.

If you own a business, don’t run it without video surveillance cameras. A simple video security cam doesn’t have to cost much. And it has the potential to save you thousands or more in damage and lost goods.

No matter where your business is located, there’s no way to know what could happen next. Still not convinced that you need business security cameras? Here are the top reasons to invest in them now.

Prevent Theft

We’ll start with perhaps the most obvious benefit of business security camera systems: preventing theft.

If you own a business that sells goods, theft probably stays on your mind. You know how devastating it would be to lose your precious merchandise. You might already do your best to prevent theft with modern locks and alarm systems.

However, video footage offers a more significant theft deterrent. For many criminals, the mere sight of a camera is enough to make them reconsider theft.

Don’t sell goods at your business? You could still be a target for theft. Most modern businesses use valuable electronics and other equipment that thieves often target.

Protect it all with business security cameras.

Solve Crimes

Cameras do a lot to prevent theft and other crimes. However, they can’t prevent it entirely.

Still, if a break-in does happen, you’ll be glad to have your security camera system in place.

Without cameras, there’s often no way to track criminals. They might even target your business again, knowing that they won’t get caught. But with cameras, you can launch an investigation that’s more likely to succeed.

In fact, camera evidence can sometimes help you get your stolen goods back. And it can also help you get peace of mind. Without video footage, you’ll face the frustrating feeling of not being able to do anything about the situation.

Provide Evidence in Court

Video footage can also help with legal situations that your business was involved in.

For example, maybe one of your employees was accused of sexual harassment. Or maybe there was an on-site accident that needs investigating. In sticky situations like these, business security cameras become crucial.

With video footage, you can see and prove exactly what happened. This evidence becomes valuable in court and shows that you’re a responsible business owner. This can prevent your company from facing legal issues that it can’t recover from.

Improve Safety

A video camera can also prevent accidents and incidents before they even happen. For example, the footage will show you what your employees do when no one else is around. If you notice safety violations getting committed during that time, you can take the appropriate next steps.

A camera might also help you notice potential hazards that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. You can’t be on-site every hour of every day. But with a video security camera, you can handle safety issues no matter when they happen.

Boost Employee Efficiency

When you install a video security cam, it’s important to not make your employees feel like they’re being spied on. Few employees can do their best work if they’re fearful of being watched.

But with proper communication, your video system can help you encourage your employees to become more efficient.

For example, the footage might alert you to overall trends that are harming productivity. Without singling out a specific employee, or even mentioning what you saw on camera, you can implement new training to correct the issues.

Video surveillance also means you won’t need to worry so much about monitoring people in real-time. If there’s an issue, you’ll know you can always go back and find it on the camera. You and your managers can focus your efforts on what’s most important in the moment instead.

Reduce Internal Theft

When running a business, it’s critical to have good employees who you can trust. Still, internal theft is always a risk.

This can take the form of property theft, but also of information theft. Most of the time, good employees who get treated well won’t steal. But every once in awhile, you might need to use your camera to check up on suspicious activity.

If a theft does happen, you’ll also be able to check the cameras and get the full story. Otherwise, the speculation about who committed the crime may end up doing more harm than good.

Improve Customer Experience

With your business security cameras, you can find new ways to train your employees to meet customer needs. But these cameras can also help improve customer experience in other ways, too.

Today’s video analytics can tell you lots about customer behavior. With your video footage, you can track a customer’s path through your store. You’ll be able to see where they go first, where they spend the most time, and what they tend to pass by.

This can help you improve the layout to make customers happy and get the results you want. The more you analyze your video footage, the better you’ll understand your shoppers.

Solve Disputes

Small disputes between employees can sometimes become big workplace issues. With video surveillance cameras, you can quickly solve the dispute by seeing what really happened.

This footage will also prevent accusations of you “taking sides,” since you’ll be able to make choices based on real evidence.

Where Should You Get Business Security Cameras?

Business security cameras can make a huge difference for your company. However, not all cameras are created equal.

For the best results, you need a high-quality surveillance system that will never fail you. You’ll also need a professional installation. You might also want to hire other services, such as surveillance help, so the burden’s not all on you.

Not sure where to start? Check out our installation services to find out how we can help you keep an eye on your business!