About Us

Company Description

Low Volt is a Technology Designing Company, dedicated to helping our clients incorporate new technology products into their homes and business. Our team of experts work with our clients to make sure their telephones function seamlessly with their staff, data is transmitted with rapid assurance, audio sounds symphonic, video appears like virtual reality and their security and surveillance systems keep them safe and secure.

Mission Statement

The mission of Low Volt is to become the premier provider of technology in the Las Vegas area. Low Volt is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality service and customer support.

Corporate Values

Low Volt operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with customers, suppliers, environment and the community. We foster a climate which encourages innovation and diligence amongst staff and reward accordingly.

Products and Services

Low Volt has partnered with some of today’s leading providers of Audio/Video systems, Security and Surveillance.

At Low Volt we are eager to offer the latest technology solution for residential, commercial and public installations.

Past clients are impressed by our outstanding quality of work, functionality and affordability. We are confident of our ability to exceed our future clients’ expectations.

Guarantees and Warranties

At Low Volt, we guarantee to provide our clients with exceptional customer service and quality work. We pride ourselves in paying attention to detail and providing our clients with the best solution for their home and/or commercial needs.

We honor our promises when it comes to warranty. Each equipment provided and installed by Low Volt will come with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.