DVR Surveillance Systems

SurveillanceUnfortunately, the property-crime rate in Las Vegas is 12 percent higher than the national average. Far too many businesses and homeowners accept that as the new norm and hope they’re not targeted.

At Low Volt, we’re committed to deterring crime and helping our clients sleep easier at night. One of the most powerful weapons in our arsenal is digital video surveillance. Considering its many benefits, the investment to install it is minimal.

Surveillance for Businesses

For so many reasons, businesses with surveillance systems operate more safely and efficiently.

Cameras discourage would-be burglars and dishonest employees. For criminals, even potentially lucrative jobs aren’t worth the risk of being caught on video. Workers who know they’re being watched aren’t likely to make off with office equipment or steal sensitive computer files.

When an internal or external breach occurs, the value of clear, unimpeachable evidence can’t be overstated. Sharp digital images don’t lie. Surveillance videos also help the police nail perpetrators and recover stolen property.

Consumers expect the companies they do business with to keep their sensitive information private and secure. Surveillance ensures that you’re complying with federal regulations and that unauthorized employees aren’t wandering into restricted areas.

Keeping workers safe is another advantage. With exterior cameras, you can make sure they get to their vehicles safely after a shift. Exterior surveillance also alerts you to suspicious people or activities.

Cameras protect business owners from unfounded legal claims. If, for instance, a client falls while descending the stairs and texting at the same time, you’ll have reliable proof of carelessness. Video also exposes employees who are flaunting safety rules.

Surveillance is also useful for pinpointing unsafe circumstances or malfunctioning equipment. You can prevent accidents before they happen.

Finally, surveillance helps business owners stay abreast of day-to-day operations and gauge customer experience.

In retail, for example, you can observe employee-customer interaction and guest service. We’ll install cameras over POS terminals to ensure that transactions are timely, honest and accurate. Our customized systems work with analytics software to track consumer shopping behavior. You’ll know how much time guests spend in your store, where they tend to linger and how long it takes them to check out.

In office settings, our products make it easier to monitor morale and productivity.

Simply put, installing digital video surveillance makes good business sense.

Surveillance for Homes

According to the FBI, approximately three-fourths of robberies are home invasions. The average loss per incident is around $2,250. With home insurance premiums factored in, you can’t afford to leave yourself vulnerable.

If nothing else, it’s nice to be able to keep tabs on your kids and pets when you’re not at home. With Low Volt equipment, you can stay informed and manage settings from your smartphone, laptop or other mobile device.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind and the safety of your loved ones. Most insurance policies give generous discounts for surveillance systems, so the investment pays for itself in about a year.

Reasons to Choose Low Volt

We don’t just sell surveillance equipment. We work with families and business owners to identify their security needs and provide customized, affordable solutions. Here are more reasons to trust us:

  • Cutting-edge technology – We stay current on the latest products made by the finest manufacturers. Our systems are sophisticated enough to detect motion, read license plates and even recognize faces.
  • Quality – We extensively test our equipment. Believe us when we say that it’s top-quality, user-friendly and virtually maintenance-free.
  • Versatility – Our DVR equipment can stand alone or function with alarm systems and access-control sensors.
  • Convenience

No, you don’t have to park in front of a monitor and watch live feed for hours. You don’t even have to hire security personnel to do it for you. Our UL-listed monitoring company will dispatch the police, the fire department or an ambulance at the first sign of trouble. The monitors will even warn you of potential security risks.

When you do want to peek in on your teenagers or office staff, you can do so from a restaurant down the street or from halfway around the world.

Quality products, professionalism, knowledge and experience make Low Volt the obvious choice. Call us today and sleep better tonight.