Las Vegas Telecommunications

The leisurely pace of bygone days provided the time to write letters to stay in touch with family and friends. A night at the movies provided entertainment, and socialization depended on meeting someone at an occasional dance or party. Voice communications with hardware and software have changed the way that people communicate, and businesses may benefit from it more than anyone else. We offer a range of voice options that maximize your productivity and minimize your expenses. For home offices, small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations, we provide efficient communications solutions.

Benefiting from Telecom in Business


As a business owner, you can benefit from the technological advances in communication logistics, employee interaction, conferencing and outreach.

  • Travel to Meetings
    The time and expense of travel to meet clients have dented many business budgets, but telecommunications technology makes them unnecessary. Our systems let you make video calls that put everyone in the same room without the cost of airplane tickets, overnight stays or per diem allotments. The effect on decision making and issue resolution may show up in your bottom line sooner than you expect. Your partners and clients can hear from you with the convenience and efficiency that they prefer as much as you do.
  • Customer Service
    No matter how sophisticated telecommunications for business may become, the telephone continues to command a premier position of importance. Our call management systems make sure that every customer can get through the first time, and we offer a superior line of call-back options.
  • Personal Contact
    Access to the internet lets you contact customers through their preferred methods that may include an online-based website, a social media platform or mobile devices. Almost any form of direct contact gives you a return on investment that exceeds the slow process of waiting for mail delivery. The vitality that you experience from direct contact contributes measurably to the growth of commerce and the improvement of your bottom line. Whether your clients have offices across the state or around the corner, you can stay in touch instantly with the advanced telecommunications equipment that we provide through our partners.
  • Employee Efficiency
    In-house meetings that let your employees communicate from their laptop or smartphone may save your company as much money as out of town travel. Teams can collaborate on activities in real time while they share information and expedite the development of projects. Our high definition audio and video equipment provide the highly efficient tools that let your staff share files instantly and see what other participants present on charts or in chats.
  • Mobility
    The limitations of some existing telephone networks may prevent your business or your employees from peak efficiency, costly issues that up-to-date telecommunications equipment can prevent. You can set up a branch office without purchasing an additional system and more telephone lines. You may want to provide flexible hours for employees to work with high efficiency from home. Our mobile communications equipment with the new Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone technology can give you an increase in functionality at a very cost-effective price.

Choose Us

An upgrade to VOIP gives you access to a reliable network that never misses a phone call and lets you connect anywhere with superior sound. The quality equipment that we install and our ability to assess your needs make us the most reliable telecommunications provider for your large or small business. You can establish a virtual office anywhere with features that give you the reliability and consistency of telephone systems that incorporate the internet. Stormy weather or line interference can have no effect on our systems with the support that we achieve from our internet back up. Our multiple data centers maintain a constant state of alert to monitor performance. We offer you the reputation that establishes Low Volt as a provider that you can rely on for your telecommunications needs.

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When you wonder about the sales that you may miss with outdated communications equipment, let us help resolve your issues. We offer a free assessment of your needs and recommendations for a solution that can give you the reliable VOIP service that you deserve. Call us at 702-458-2121 for a no-obligation consultation!