Alarm Installation and Monitoring

Alarm Installation

You can’t put a price on the security of your business or the safety of your employees. When you’ve made a substantial investment and worked hard to see it pay off, you shouldn’t have to worry about theft or costly emergencies.

Our UL Listed monitored burglar, fire and carbon monoxide alarms not only prevent extensive damage, but they save lives. If needed we can immediately dispatch a patrol guard, Police, Fire Dept., or EMT. We stay current on cutting-edge technology made by the best manufacturers in the industry. Here are some services that are well worth considering:

Access Control

The old lock and key are just not good enough anymore to prevent break-ins or inside jobs.

Burglars who want in badly enough do significant property damage. If access to an off-limits area in your office goes unchecked, you’re susceptible to employee theft of equipment or sensitive information. If sensitive data is not safe and secure, you expose yourself to a world of trouble.

Furthermore, even honest employees lose keys and accidentally lock themselves out.

We offer smart key fobs, swipe cards and wristbands to ensure that only authorized individuals can enter the building and restricted areas inside. These smart tools prevent theft and keep good records as well. If security is breached from inside, you’ll know who is responsible.

Camera Installation / Video Surveillance

For so many reasons, installing video cameras makes good business sense.

Having security cameras is a strong deterrent to crime. If thieves and employees are aware of them, they’re not likely to take any risks, possibly moving to another business without cameras. If your business is burgled or vandalized despite cameras, video will help the police find the perpetrator and recover your property. You’ll also eliminate insurance hassles.

If you have a retail business, video provides a record of each customer’s experience in your store. You can monitor how long customers spend browsing, observe their purchasing habits and find out how long it takes them to check out. You can watch their interactions with employees.

If you suspect that items being returned were shoplifted, you can consult the video feed for proof. Installing cameras above cash registers ensures that transactions are accurate and honest.

Video could help if you ever face unjust legal action. Injuries that result from customers’ carelessness are well-documented. Video also exposes employees who aren’t following safety rules. If nothing else, it will help you identify potentially unsafe circumstances. Your maintenance workers can use it to spot malfunctioning equipment and make repairs.

Use video surveillance to protect your employees. You can watch to see that they reach their vehicles safely after a shift. You can monitor who’s coming into the building during business hours and report suspicious people or activity.

A video security system will help you stay compliant with privacy regulations for personal information, credit card information, medical records and other sensitive data.

Finally, video surveillance is highly useful for gauging productivity. You’ll be able to see at a glance that shuffling responsibilities, beefing up your staff or replacing an employee is in order.

Strongly consider monitoring your parking lot, entrances and exits, stockrooms, POS terminals, customer service areas and areas where sensitive records are stored. Video surveillance saves money in the long run.

You may be wondering how you’ll ever find the time to sit and watch the live feed or archived clips. You wonder how you’ll afford security personnel to do it for you.

Leave that to us. Our UL-listed monitoring company can be trusted to dispatch help in an emergency or warn you of potential security risks. As for day-to-day monitoring, that’s where video analytics software comes in.

Video Analytics

Sophisticated systems can do a lot these days:

  • Detect motion
  • Recognize faces
  • Read license plates
  • Count customers and track the time they spend in your business
  • Send alerts when checkout lines are too long

Using compatible analytics software with a wide range of features will free up your time for meeting with prospective clients, developing your staff or just brainstorming in your office.

Remote Monitoring

Our mobile solutions make it possible for you to monitor and manage your security system 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Using your home computer, laptop, smartphone or another mobile device, you can do all this and more:

  • Remotely control your cameras and keep an eye on your business
  • Enable your motion-detection feature
  • Receive alerts by email or text message

Whether you own a small business or a growing company with multiple locations, we at Low Volt can customize automated security solutions to meet your specific needs.

You may be more interested in better security for your home. We can handle that as well, and you’ll probably enjoy savings on your homeowner’s insurance.

Safety and peace of mind are worth the investment.