13Dec 2019

Wondering if your business needs an access control system? Trying to understand how these systems can benefit your company? If you’re serious about protecting your business and your employees, then getting an access control system can be a great move. Modern access control systems can increase business security and can give you an enhanced amount of control […]

13Nov 2019

CCTV, or camera surveillance, was first used in 1942. Back then, relatively new technology was only used for special purposes. But today, business security cameras are essential for business owners across the board. If you own a business, don’t run it without video surveillance cameras. A simple video security cam doesn’t have to cost much. And it has […]

19Oct 2019

Security camera technologies are evolving day by day – nowadays, cameras can detect human movement and alarm the authorities when they do. Because of this, there’s no need for someone to watch the feeds the whole time. These cameras alone help the police catch the criminals on the act by up to 60% of the time. […]

17Jul 2019

Regardless of the size of your business, you may need to protect several types of vital records. This may include your company’s operating statements and related documentation, your employees payroll documents, previous years tax returns, clients financial data and more. If these documents are lost or fall into the wrong hands, the effects can be […]

10Jul 2019

The Las Vegas Valley has much to offer residents and tourists. Recreational amenities, employment opportunities, entertainment venues and educational institutions have combined to make the area very attractive to businesses and individuals. Between 1990 and 2018, the population of the Las Vegas Valley tripled from fewer than 742,000 people to more than 2.2 million, and […]

18Jun 2019

For centuries, the best way for a business to secure its building was with a lock and key. Unfortunately, this method could not deter anyone who was determined to circumvent the company’s attempt at security. Locks could be picked with some rudimentary tools, a little knowledge, and the necessary level of patience. Keys could be […]